Assistive Devices / Technology Solution Centre for Persons with Blindness or Low Vision

Saksham is working to make technology solutions available to persons with blindness or low vision in affordable cost and in local languages. Our mission is to provide such solution at the doorsteps of the users without any delays. We believe that technology solution defines what persons with blindness or low vision can or cannot do. Impact of vision impairment can be removed to a great extent if right technology solutions are available.

Saksham believes that technology should reach the end-users at a single point and at very affordable cost. With this aim, Saksham has started in 2003, a one-stop centre for Aids and Appliances For Persons With Low Vision/ Vision Impairment Disabilities with the support of Dayal Charitable Trust in 2003. Some of the equipment provided by Saksham are Braille watches, Talking watches, Talking Thermometer, Talking weighing machine, DAISY audio book players besides technology solutions for computers and Talking software for mobile phones.

Assistive Devices Picture
Assistive Devices Picture

INDO-NVDA – Screen reader software for laptops/ netbooks/ computer is introduced as INDO-NVDA (Non- Visual Desktop Access). It is equivalent to JAWS at a much more affordable price. It includes Eloquence voices for the US and UK English along with Nuance vocaliser voices and Eloquence in 10 Languages & 14 Voices. These voices are popularly known as Sangita and Lekha TTS. Saksham is procuring such aids and appliances from all over the world and the users are able to choose and try out these tools before purchasing them. Experts at Saksham assist the end users in choosing the right kind of tools to suit the requirements of every individual.

Saksham is leaving no stone unturned to empower Visually Impaired people. We provide Training before handing over assistive devices to our beneficiaries to improve one's capability of using the device. We provide 300 hours laptop and 3-day smartphone training by our Assistive Technology Specialist through the screen reading and NVDA Softwares as it has special gesture and navigation features which are convenient to use for a person with no vision/low vision.