Saksham School

Saksham School for Children with Blindness and Children with Multiple Disabilities

Saksham established the Saksham Resource Center in Noida in the year 2006 with 5 children. The school has 60 to 90 children enrolled, every year since then. The Resource center has experienced special educators, speech therapist, occupational therapist, Computer Instructor, Mobility trainer, Musical therapist, Speech therapist, functional assessment expert of vision, hearing, communication and motor with sensory stimulatory experts. In our center teachers give personal attention to children with multiple disabilities who have special needs, In this center all the educators are well trained and very open up with creative ideas and positive attitude.

Saksham also provides transport services for pick up / drop from home to school, and school to home. Even our students those who are attending in mainstream schools, we give them full support of each and every aspect. Because of the necessity of a larger number of teachers and transport being a must, the cost of education is high. In spite of this Saksham does not compromise on the quality of education.

Children with multiple disabilities need special training, additional attention and specialized education. Most of them cannot be integrated in the mainstream school. However, they too need support services, such as accessible reading materials, regular counseling and guidance from parents. Such special schools and resource centers are available in Delhi but were not available to children with multiple disabilities or children with blindness living in Noida. Even there is no services for our deafblind students, Only Saksham center is providing services to our Deafblind student in Noida.

The students of Saksham Center have been mainstreamed in schools like- Salwan Public School, Bal Bharti School, Sai Memorial School, Cambridge school, Dhram Public school, Sunrise villa school, Central school, there are some school are near the child residency. We give them educational support, Technology support, Materialistic Support, Independent skills training support, Financial support, Food and Uniform Support Family counselling etc, These students are participating actively in various indoor and outdoor activities of the school.