Saksham Himachal

Saksham Himachal is the branch of Saksham Trust. It is serving visually impaired people in all 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh since June 2011. DAISY books offer maximum accessibility and navigation facilities to all categories of print impaired, Saksham Trust is the largest producer of DAISY Digital Talking Books in India which has its production center in Rohru Shimla too. Talking books and Talking magazines are a very important means for bringing the printed world to the visually impaired. Since we are catering to various regional requirements, this needs to be done in many Indian Languages in spite of the predominance of the English Language. One of the regions where our Talking Books Library is working actively is situated in Rohru Shimla. Educational and awareness camps are organised on a regular basis for visually impaired people in different parts of the state by Saksham, Rohru.