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Education and employment are not possible without reading. Most of the reading material is produced as printed letters, which cannot be read by persons with blindness or low vision. Accessible books and Accessible magazines are a very important means for bringing the printed world to the visually impaired. Since we are catering to various regional requirements, this needs to be done in many Indian Languages in spite of the predominance of the English Language. Print books can be converted in different accessible formats like Epub, Daisy, and Audio.

Reading books in accessible format provides a unique navigational system through which a reader can easily and quickly, access the material not only chapter wise, section wise or subsection wise, but also page wise. In other words, he/she can reach the required heading/page/section almost effortlessly within no time. This system is economical as well as portable. These books can be read through smartphone, laptop or with E-book readers.

The books produced are uploaded in Sugamya Pustakalaya, an online library for print disabled. This library is launched by Government of India in 2016. Sugamya Pustakalaya is India’s largest online platform having more than 3.5 lakhs titles in accessible format availale in 14 Indian Regional languages. All members of Daisy Forum of India are contributing accessible content to this platform. It is solely dedicated to print-disabled persons. For becoming a member of this library please visit

Test books of grade 9 to 12 from state Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan,Jharkhand, Bihar and Chattisgarh have been converted to accessible format by Saksham. Saksham also works largely for higher education students by converting university level books into an accessible format. In the last two years, Saksham has converted more than 2,50,000 pages of Choice based credit system(CBCS) syllabus university books into an accessible format. These books can be used by 39 central universities across India. They are available in Sugamya Pustakalaya for download.

Saksham also provides training to organizations for accessible content creation, setting up of new accessible library, training publishers for converting their existing source files into Unicode based font and future books to be born accessible.

The membership of Saksham library is free. You can get our membership by contacting us through phone or email. Saksham also helps users to get membership in Sugamya Pustakalaya. For more details contact

If you wish to contribute towards the education and up-liftment of visually impaired students, you can help us in book conversion process. Involvement of more and more volunteers would help to rapidly increase the availability of contents. Interested persons may contact

We are extremely thankful to our partners Amway India Enterprise Ltd, World Intellectual Property Organization, Essel Foundation and Ford Foundation for their kind support in achieving our vision. It would be very hard for Saksham to achieve its mission without the support of its partners.Organizations who wish support can contact us through

Saksham is one of the largest producers of Accessible digital content production in India.